Circle Speech Services Make Your Child Part of the Conversation

Circle Speech Services Make Your Child Part of the Conversation

Circle Speech Services


Make Your Child Part of the Conversation

Circle Speech Services

Make Your Child Part of the Conversation

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How Do Speech Therapy Services Work?

child caricature imageCircle Speech Services offers speech and language therapy services in Bucks and Montgomery Counties.

We take a collaborative approach to your child’s speech therapy.

That means we work with you to create sessions that address your goals and work for your child. We’ll even teach you techniques to work with your child in between our sessions.

We’ll make it fun!

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We’ll start with a few questions and then work with your child to get a sense of their skills and needs.

  1. We want to know your goals for your child. What have you tried already? Where do your frustrations lie?
  2. One of our speech therapists will work with your child to assess his or her developmental stage.

We’ll spend a session working with your child and learning about them.

We want to know what types of activities your child likes so we’ll know the best strategies to help your child learn. It’ll look a lot like playing, because we know children learn best when they’re having fun and relaxed.

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After that session:

  1. We'll give you tactics to implement to help their speech. You’ll incorporate these easy activities into your routine. The result is your child starts making progress right away.
  2. After the first session, we will determine a path to move forward.

Our mission at Circle Speech Services is

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"To give families practical tools to improve their child's communication skills every day”

The reason is simple. When you can incorporate speech therapy practice into your everyday routines, your child will improve faster.

As they improve, we’ll adjust our strategy so your child continues to find it fun and rewarding.

The result is, your child will develop confidence.

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After doing some research into a state-funded program vs. working with a private practice, we made the decision to work with Susan and Circle Speech Services. It was a decision that we have NEVER regretted! We could not have gotten the help Susan provided from any other program. She came to our home each week, and worked with our son individually in an environment where he felt comfortable enough to really participate in the therapy regiment. Susan had wonderful ideas to keep him interested and engaged, and brought motivational tools that helped foster his enthusiasm. The knowledge she shared with me really helped me to work on his issues throughout the week. There is such value in having your child get individual attention in a comfortable environment vs. participating in a program where he/she is one of dozens of children seen each week in a school or public facility. Our son improved dramatically in just three months, which has been invaluable for his self-esteem and confidence. We are so grateful to Susan, and would whole-heartedly recommend Susan to any family in need of help for their child.

Jenn from Newtown

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Circle Speech Services is Convenient

child caricature imageWe see your child at home, school or one of our office spaces in Doylestown and Southampton.

You can call us at 215-622-5004 to discuss the best options for your child.

At Home:

Your child is comfortable in familiar surroundings and we can see them interact in their home environment, which provides useful clues.

child caricature imageWe’ll focus on:

  • Inserting practice into every day routines – we want to make this easy and fun for both of you. We’ll give you ways to effortlessly incorporate practice into your daily life so your child gains confidence faster.
  • Providing unique strategies for your child – every child is different, we find speech therapy works best when it’s tailored to each child. There’s no cookie cutter approach.
  • Finding their motivation with favorite activities – some children learn from books, others are auditory learners and learn from conversation and still others learn best from moving around. We give your child activities that correspond to their interests. After all, if it’s fun, they learn better.

You will need to be part of the session so you can see what’s working for your child and what’s not.

At School:

We can work in collaboration with your child’s other therapists and we can work with your child at school, given school permission.

child caricature imageWe work with school districts as speech language pathologists and can set up a time to work with your child in school.

  • individual or in-the-classroom sessions
  • classroom consultation with teachers – this helps the teacher understand the strategies we’re using with your child so they can incorporate them too.
  • making communication goals and classroom goals work together for your child’s success.

Within the Community:

child caricature imageWe can also observe your child in a group setting with other children.

  • playing with a friend
  • playing in a group
  • listening to others in a group

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Speech Therapy Services include:

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  • Full speech and language evaluation with written report
  • Private speech and language therapy sessions in your own home
  • Private speech and language therapy sessions at one of our offices in Doylestown or Southampton
  • Private speech and language therapy sessions onsite at many schools and daycare facilities
  • Flexible scheduling and payment options available including insurance

We offer a blended approach of speech therapy services in Bucks County. We can see you child at home, in our office or at school. It’s a unique approach that makes it convenient for you. Call us at 215-622-5004 or email to find out more.

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