Circle Speech Services
Speech - OT - Feeding - Music
We Are Expanding Our Circle to Include You
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Circle Speech Services
Speech - OT - Feeding - Music
We Are Expanding Our Circle to Include You
2 1 5 - 3 4 5 - 7 5 2 8

Circle Speech Services
Speech - OT - Feeding - Music
2 1 5 - 3 4 5 - 7 5 2 8

Circle Speech Services
Speech - OT - Feeding - Music
2 1 5 - 3 4 5 - 7 5 2 8

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Circle Speech Services offers Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Feeding Therapy, and Music Therapy services for children and adults. We are a private practice with a small, highly trained staff. We firmly believe that providing you with a consistent therapist and quality service produces results that far exceed what many people experience at the huge therapy chains. We offer flexible scheduling at our locations in Doylestown and Newtown, and also offer the option of home visits. We accept most major insurance plans, and offer payment plans for out of pocket expenses. Call us at 215‑345‑7528 with questions or to set up an appointment!


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  • Speech, language, social skills for children and adults
  • Speech clarity and fluency
  • Autism, motor speech (including CAS)
  • Stroke, cognitive rehab, brain injury


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  • Fine motor, functional movement, sensory-based for children and adults
  • Sensory diet implementation and family training
  • Autism and sensory processing disorder
  • Fine motor skills - writing, drawing, play, rehab of prior skills
  • Oculomotor, balance


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  • Feeding, chewing and swallowing therapy for children and adults
  • Group and individual feeding programs
  • Sensory-based work / feeding aversions
  • Specially trained in SOS feeding method (not behavioral)
  • Retraining / management of chewing and swallowing after stroke, brain injury or progressive illness


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  • Music therapy for children and adults
  • Group or individual lessons
  • In-home visits available
  • Promotes socialization, self-regulation, language and cognitive development or rehab
  • Fun and low pressure

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After doing some research into a state-funded program vs. working with a private practice, we made the decision to work with Susan and Circle Speech Services. It was a decision that we have NEVER regretted! We could not have gotten the help Susan provided from any other program. She came to our home each week, and worked with our son individually in an environment where he felt comfortable enough to really participate in the therapy regiment. Susan had wonderful ideas to keep him interested and engaged, and brought motivational tools that helped foster his enthusiasm. The knowledge she shared with me really helped me to work on his issues throughout the week. There is such value in having your child get individual attention in a comfortable environment vs. participating in a program where he/she is one of dozens of children seen each week in a school or public facility. Our son improved dramatically in just three months, which has been invaluable for his self-esteem and confidence. We are so grateful to Susan, and would whole-heartedly recommend Susan to any family in need of help for their child.

Jenn from Newtown

I am a 24 year old female and I have had a speech impediment since I was 9 years old. As I got older, my anxiety of speaking in public got worse. My stutter became so prominent that it affected my career. It inhibited me from clearly articulating myself during interviews for potential jobs. Susan and her team gave me the skills needed to control my stutter, which consequently helped grow my confidence in myself as well as in my speech. Now, my speech is so good that no one notices my speech impediment unless I tell them about my stuttering problem. I cannot thank Susan and her team at Circle Speech enough for changing my life.

Kate from Doylestown

I can honestly say that finding Susan DeMilia has saved our daughter. When I think back to how much we were struggling to know how to help our daughter it brings me to tears. Until we met Susan. She came in and instantly gave us hope. She had an instant rapport with our little girl, something we hadn't seen happen yet with any other therapist. She was able to help us get started finding our way from day one and hasn't stopped in two years. She has gone above and beyond what I would have ever expected. She answers every panicked email and phone call and never makes me feel like the crazed parent that I know I can be. So my best recommendation for any parent who knows they need to find help for their child would be to contact Susan...I know she will be the answer to their prayers just as she has been ours.

Betsy from Doylestown

Circle Speech Services will come to your home, your child’s school or you can come to one of our two offices located in Doylestown and Newtown.

Call us at 215‑345‑7528

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